Privacy Policy

Users are typically concerned about the privacy of their content and whether reads or stores the content that they type and whether any of this data is shared with third parties. The information below is meant to address these concerns.

To understand the user privacy, one needs to understand how DEI.AI slackbot works and the different ways in which a user may interact with it.

How does DEI.AI slackbot integration work?

DEI.AI slackbot works almost identically to most slackbot and messaging integrations. The slackbot has access to public channels but not to any private channels or direct messages. DEI.AI slackbot provides two types of interactions:


When a user in a public channel types a message that can trigger the slackbot to respond (such as “hey guys”), the slackbot responds offering a private message suggestion to the author to consider rephrasing the text (in this case for example “hey all”).


Without any user interaction DEI.AI may provide some announcements on public channels. As an example the app may provide some information around “Black History Month” when it is appropriate to do so.  

How is the text content that I type used?

When a user types in a text message on a public channel, the text is analyzed to find any patterns that may need improvement in communication or offer suggestions that are useful for learning and development. These messages are sent from Slack to DEI.AI servers, analyzed on the server side and immediately responded to Slack if needed.

Does DEI.AI store the content of my messages?

DEI.AI does not have access to private channels or direct messages. It does process messages to respond which is needed for its functionality similar to many slackbots. DEI.AI may record messages information for offline processing and quality control of its features but any information stored is anonymized and no user credentials, author name, author email address is stored in its systems.

Does DEI.AI share any of your data with third parties?

No. DEI.AI does not share any data with any third parties.

Data Deletion Requests

In compliance with GDPR, any user or organization may request that their data be deleted. To make such a request send an email to from the organization that is using the slackbot.